Bail Explained In San Dimas

There are a lot of Americans who have not been involved in the bail process, so therefore may have no idea what it involves. It is highly suggested that people familiarize themselves with the process, and even the terms, just in case they are even in the situation that they are required to know. It is also highly recommended to keep the name, and telephone number of a reputable bail bonds San Dimas firm on hand, just in case.

Bail, or a bond as it is also known, is a surety pledge of money, and sometimes even property, that guarantees a defendant will appear in court when scheduled. Usually, the defendant and/or the defendant’s family members will organize this through a bail bonds firm such as ours.

San Dimas Bail Bonds the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California. We have earned this wonderful reputation by consistently putting our clients first, and by offering supreme services. Being available on a 24/7 basis, ensures that defendants, and/or their families, can get the assistance they need right at the time they need it.

There are two different types of bail:

Cash Bail: Once the defendant has been through the booking process, the bail amount will be set. If the defendant, and/or the defendant’s family can pay the entire amount in cash upfront. This money will be returned at the end of the case, less any fees and other costs, if the defendant fulfills all conditions associated with their bail. You need to check with the clerk of the court to ascertain what types of payments are accepted by that particular court. The defendant needs to realize, if they miss any court dates, or fail to fulfill the obligations of their bail, the bail money will be forfeited. An arrest warrant will be issued and the defendant will be sought by the authorities. Once apprehended, they will no longer be eligible for bail. Anyone putting up bail for a defendant also needs to realize the consequences of losing their money if the defendant skips out on bail.

Bail Bonds: The other option, is to use a bail bonds company such as ours. As with cash bail, the defendant will have to agree to fulfill all conditions of their bail, and as set forth by the our company. We, like every other bail bonds agent, or firm, will require a non refundable fee for our services. The fee in California, is usually 10% of the total amount of bail. In other words, if the total bail amount is $10,000, then the fee will be $1,000. Our firm, will permit qualifying clients to enter into a payment plan to pay this fee off. If the defendant has family, or even a friend who is willing to co-sign on their behalf, they will also be responsible for ensuring that the defendant fulfills all obligations associated with their bail, and bail bond, or they could lose any capital, or property put up as collateral.

Due to the current economy, most people will opt to utilize the bail bonds option. You should ensure that you only use a reputable, and licensed bail bonds company such as ours. We can be contacted at any time on (909) 331-4663. As we are available on a 24/7 basis, you can get the help you need straight away. There is also an abundance of information available on our website.